High fuel costs are here today. So are the costs of hiring and maintaining a fleet of drivers. For any business to succeed in today’s marketplace, it needs to manage its costs as analytically as possible. Advantage helps you to optimize your vehicle fleet expenses. We’ll help you to lower costs by getting the most work out of your team, and reduce your fuel expenses by managing your vehicles in a more effective way.

Fleet Management


We work with and provide the world’s most sophisticated GPS fleet management solutions that help organizations develop company-wide management policies to improve driver behavior, enhance driver safety, and on-road productivity.

Lone Worker Safety


Mobile personnel often work in uncontrolled environments that pose countless threats to worker safety. We provide remote safety monitoring solutions which deliver simple, economical, and non-intrusive tools to monitor workers’ ongoing safety and manage an efficient emergency response whenever needed.

Non-Fleet Assets


Track assets both during the workday and when in storage. We have solutions which allow employers to monitor employee habits that could be wasteful. A variety of devices can be deployed to vehicles, tools and even workers with customizable properties such as alerts, trigger points, pressure sensors and much more.


We provide full consultation, support and training to a wide ranges of industries and sectors including Municipalities, Forestry, Oil and Gas, Road Maintenance, Service Industries, Long Haul Trucking and Taxi fleets.